Here’s your invite from Roger and Mark Zuckerberg

My good friend and mentor Roger James Hamilton is launching his brand new free training this Friday and I want to make sure you can access this ahead of the launch.

Here’s what Roger told me recently about why he has created the “Entrepreneur 5.0” training and how it will benefit us all!

“If you’re busy making money, please stop for a moment!

Mark Zuckerberg and I have a message for you:

What if in the next 10 years, everyone could print their own money? How does that change what you’re doing right now?

By the way, this isn’t some kind of fantasy! Our GeniusU community has attracted over a million entrepreneurs, who are all earning Genius Dollars through their activity. And this week Mark announced Facebook’s currency “Libra” which is designed to be a new global reserve currency.

What does this mean for you and your business? Should you create your own currency too? And if so, when and how should you create it?

The term “Money doesn’t grow on trees” should be adjusted to: “Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can be created with a decentralized blockchain system on a distributed ledger.”

On Friday 28th June we’re launching our free 5-day course called “Entrepreneur 5.0” – to ensure you are ready for 2020. Part of the course will be about exactly this – how the mechanics of money will forever change in the next 10 years.

You haven’t joined us yet – but you can join by clicking here.

Each day over the 5-day course from 28th June to 2nd July I’m releasing a video and a downloadable guide to explain the 5 most important changes coming, and the practical steps for you to take to ensure you’re 2020-ready.

One of those changes is how money is changing. For example, did you know that the global money supply in the world’s 12 biggest economies has grown from $56 trillion in 2015 to $72 trillion today?

That’s a rate of a new $2 million printed per minute… minute after minute for the last four year. Governments, banks, and businesses have been printing money at an unprecedented pace.

If just one of those millions isn’t in your pocket after all this time, it’s worth asking “Why?”

Hopefully, I’ve got you thinking! Enough to get access to the course videos.

16,000 entrepreneurs have already joined us. You can join us for free by clicking right here.

We’re just one week away!”

I hope to see you along with the 20,000 other entrepreneurs on Friday for the launch of this free training

Steven B. O’Sullivan

Find all the details here on our official Launch Page

  1. The course is about far more than how to create more money. It’s also about how to create more time, quality and clarity in your life.

Here are the 5 big reasons to join us in this launch

  • Receive the five-day Entrepreneur 5.0 training course for free
  • You’ll get Rogers’s Top Tips to get ready for 2020
  • Get connected to this brand new 2020 training and events
  • Be the first to hear about the growth plans for the Entrepreneur Movement
  • Stand a chance to win a trip to India, Nepal, Tibet, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

It’s free to register.

When you register you will be automatically receiving the Entrepreneur 5.0 Training Course when it launches.